Custom Software


Custom Software Solutions

Is your current business software really working for you?
Are you losing valuable information that could be costing your company millions of rands each year?
Is your business relying on e-mail, text documents and spreadsheets to record and store valuable business information?

We can build you a custom database driven software solution that will provide your business with faster and more accurate data recording, the ability to search for data and generate powerful reports.

With our highly skilled team and rapid development framework we are able to create small and large solutions at very affordable rates.

Benefits of our rapid custom software solutions:

  • Highly cost effective
  • Faster implementation time
  • Tailor-made software suits your exact business needs (let the software adapt to your needs not you adapt to the software)
  • Upgrade and development roadmap under your control
  • Integration with existing processes allows for easy adoption
  • All our solutions can operate from your local server or remote web server
  • Access to system from any device with an internet connection (if hosted on a web server)
  • No license fees
  • Secure data storage (if hosted in our secure data centre)
  • Automated data backup (if hosted in our secure data centre)
  • Multiple simultaneous user access

Contact us now for a free consultation and quotation and see how we can help your business.